What is the main benefits of Black Rice?

What is the main benefits of Black Rice? Black Rice is rich of fiber, minerals, iron, zinc, magnesium, vitamins. And all because it retains the bran and germ layers that are lost in the processing of well known white rice. The deeper the bran color the higher the nutritional value and more antioxidants in the rice bran. Antioxidants (purple and reddish pigments) help prevent cellular oxidation in the organism, heart diseases and cancer. Such pigment by itself has a strong anti-aging effect Other Black Rice benefits are:

  • High nutritional value
  • More protein in Black Rice comparing to white rice 7.9% / 6.7%
  • Gluten free / Wheat free
  • Really healthy with cholesterol lowering effect
  • Contains minimum of sugar, therefore doesn't cause dramatic fluctuations in blood sugar like white rice
  • Ideal component for diabetic diet and weight-loss meals
  • In Chinese medicine used to treat anemia, dizziness, blurred vision, hairloss.
  • Improve damaged liver cell (hepatitis and chirrosis) and prevent renal disease.
  • Moms who give their baby breast feeding are recommended to consume black rice because it increasing the production of breast milk.